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World Vision

I was asked to become a World Vision Ambassador. I was very honored by this and of course became one! I feel like this really puts me on to a whole other level with my own FightBack now, too. I’m not ready with my rehabilitation struggle yet. I’m not even sure if I will ever be happy with myself… but to be given a chance to help someone who needs MY help, just feels incredible.

This feels unbelievable.

I have a traumatic brain injury. The prognosis would’ve left me disabled for the rest of my life. Since I have been able to fight back onto my feet, smile again and just to be happy again, I can’t help but be willing to give the same chance for others! I’m planning to focus my help, and FightBack’s especially on young people. People who should study and start to work.

I won’t anyhow “redirect” the money of FightBack into Africa, or anywhere else. I understand that, some people are buying FightBack products, to support me, too, and I am truly grateful for that! That’s one of the reasons, why I wanted to become an ambassador, those young people don’t have anyone to listen to their stories and help, no one. I’m really lucky, thank You.

Me becoming an ambassador wasn’t anyhow affected by the fact that they have other famous people as ambassadors, as well, but I was really happy to hear that some of my friends were on board already! I didn’t even know, that the huge stars in Finland like Robin (a Finnish Pop star) and Sami Hedberg (a stand up comedian and an actor), were ambassadors already, but I’m not surprised, either. Both of them are the nicest guys, and I’m sure that, to be able to give, gives something for both of them, too!

The artists of the World Vision concert last summer. Robin and Sami in the front row!

When everyone does good stuff, only good stuff happens. Have an awesome and safe midsummer everyone!