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Why do I push myself out of the comfort zone?

I didn’t enjoy the feeling of Pitching from under the ice. I do not enjoy getting cold and I quess that, because the circumstances were quite stressful… I’m not even completely satisfied with my pitch. I just try to push myself out of the comfort zone every now and then, and that’s because I want to progress. I even gave three a bit more proper pitches during my  Oulu trip though and those were actually the reason why I travelled there this Monday, in the first place! 🙂


I’m constantly trying to maximize my progression in my rehab, and lately my nutrition has been under my microscope. I have been trying out intermediate fasting, even though I don’t feel myself 100% comfortable without some professional assistance in this kind of bigger experiements. That’s why I went to see a real professional named Pyry Suonsivu at Antioksidantti Klinikka in Oulu on Tuesday morning. After we had taken the tests (the results with all the dietary suplements I need shall come in April) I went to the Polar Bear Pitching Arena, and it was on!

After doing a bunch of medical exams, Dr. Suonsivu gave this fascia suit for me to try out. It fitted me perfectly and I’m wearing it right now!

I was walking back to my hotel after Antioksidantti klinikka and I didn’t have the swimming trunks of my own when I passed by the Polar Bear Pitching area. My friend Teemu gave me his trunks and the rest… was ice swimming!

I mentioned that I would really like to swim in ice and in 20minutes or so, I was under water!

Cold water is not my favorite thing in the world, but this happy I was to freeze back in Tuesday… 😉

The Man, the Myth, the Legend, Teemu, is the man behind the swimming trunks and so many other things! He’s working to protect our winters. He’s wearing the Shadeshare sunglasses and wants to be a part of our project.

I love the Shade Shares and I love the Globe. I hope to be able to make a big positive effect with Forest Shares.

The water was freezing, of course, but I’ve been able to get used to freezing water already. I wasn’t happy with my pitching performance though and this gives me the hunger to perform better next time! The next times were just around the corner in the business conference and I was almost happy with those presentations.

I had some backup later on that same afternoon. “I was only this tall when I got on skis for the first time and I loved it!”


On Wednesday morning I got to speak in Finnkino Oulu before I headed home and this was the actual reason for my visit! 😀


All in all, the Polar Bear Pitching was an awesome event and I really want to do it again! Today was the day of the climate strike for students and I really hope that people are ready for action to save the winters. I’m all about Protecting Our Winters, POW!

As I was walking home after physio today, I saw youngsters wo want to save the world.

I myself spent this morning trying to be a reverse table!