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Where could I relax?

I have began my summer holiday many times this year. I have been mainly just exercising every day, I’ve been able to do basically what I’ve wanted to do and it’s been awesome! Yesterday was a different kind of work day, though. We had a photoshoot, which lasted for hours, and that was it for me. It’s holiday now! But what should I do to relax?

I know I must keep on exercising a lot, basically five times a week. That’s the best thing in these exercises; you can do them almost anywhere! This coin has a dark side as well, I can exercise, almost anywhere… It’s very hard just to take it easy!

Here are some of the maneuvers, which I’ve been doing now! Every everyday… 😉 Where could I just relax?

My balance is lost, but I can do this now!!

This is rough, but improves my normal walk!