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What’s up Blog?!

This is from Ylivieska, the beginning of my last trip.

My life has been a bit crazy lately. For someone, without an ongoing TBI rehabilitation process, this could’ve been just normal, but for me it has been crazy. I have been able to keep all of my presentations quite well, I think, but this has sucked all the energy out of me. The feedback I’ve been hearing after the presentations has been amazing. It has really kept me going. I love my job.

This is from Vantaa, Heureka.

This was my latest presentation, on a cruise to Stockholm. I was really tired, and quite sick as well, but I think this was one of my best performances ever! (This far… 😉 )

But I’ve been lacking in the most important job of mine. I haven’t spent enough time on my real job, I haven’t been spending enough time to fighting back to be a better version of myself, my rehab job, and that really sucks! I haven’t been skipping my rehab, cause I’d be lazy. I have been trying to fit everything in, even to the busiest of traveling days. Was I really dutiful, was I even brave…?

– Nah! I was stupid!

Last week I got a bad flue. It got even worse last weekend and now, I’m slowly getting over it. I’ve been under the weather and haven’t been able to do anything properly. This was super boring, stupid and I didn’t like it at all, but…

This was the best thing that could’ve happened to me! It was a real wakeup call! I won’t try to do everything possible anymore, I won’t try to push myself so close to the limit anymore. I’ll keep on trying to share the story of FightBack as widely, as possible. I’ve just got to try to be smarter than this. They didn’t build Rome in a week, either. In order to help as many people, as possible. I’ve just go be patient.