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Weekend of Love

On Saturday, I got the honor of participating to my dear friends Lasse and Maria’s wedding. The ceremony was really simple and nice. All in all, ceremony, wedding reception and the after party, all went so magnificently, that it was just pretty much perfect. Since Lasse is pretty much a perfect of a friend, so I’m really happy for him. Almost as happy, as I am for his wife Maria… what a score guys! 😉

I didn’t have words this on Saturday, nor do I have words for this now.

The venue of the wedding reception was also so beautiful, that I wanted a photo right away!

The venue, atmosphere and feeling, were just getting there, though.

Getting here, Mr. and Mrs. Jalkanen. Perfect.

The wedding was in Jyväskylä, a Town which was packed on Saturday for completely other reasons, so we staid in Tampere. I had a work thing on Sunday there, too, so almost a win-win. It went all good, but I’m still really tired. That’s why I only exercised once today! I can’t wait for tomorrow, and I especially can’t wait for the weekend! The holiday of this summer begins on Friday for me. This means I can concentrate purely to exercising for a while. And I may even take a quick break of everything, grab my girlfriend with me, and just disappear for a while!

The amazing wedding venue was like a little teaser of a holiday for us… 😉