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The Power Of Now

I spent most of the last week reading a book in bed. I had-, and I still have a flu, but it’s slowly getting better. What I should not do now, is exactly what I usually do… just start exercising like I was all good. So I’m still taking it easy until I am all good. This means some more reading and laying in bed to do. I’ve been reading a book named The Power Of Now, and I’m quite into this idea. I haven’t finished the whole book yet, but it’s interesting.

I know that living is not always easy and not even nice, but I have always known that life is precious. It may take a lot of patience, time and effort to get to the point in which you can fall in love with your life, but I can assure you that it’s worth it. The book tells you how you should put all your focus into THIS moment you’re living. Not tomorrow, nor the next week, into the NOW.

With this I agree, at least to a certain point… I’m not ready to join any cult, but let me finish the book and go more deeply into the subject then. I especially love the aspect of the beauty of nature.

This is from the central Helsinki, Töölönlahti, on Sunday night and this, is some of the beauty I talked about.

The beauty ensued this morning.

This is as beautiful as the fall time gets in Finnish cities!