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It’s rainy and feels like fall today. Yesterday I had the most fun I’ve had in ages, and I was having the fun inside!  I’ve been in Super Park already before. They are this kind of action parks built indoors, so perfect to use no matter of the season. I had presentations in those of Oulu, Tampere and Vantaa. I was aware of the fact that, there is a Super Park in Turku, my home town, too, but this far I have felt that I still need to concentrate solely in my rehabilitation, whenever I would’ve had time to visit there. Yesterday I had a day off normal rehabilitation, and I was offered a chance to go there. I got myself together, took the chance of going there and I had a BLAST!

I think that Super Park has amazing facilities for everyone. If you are brain injured, like I am, many of the activities in Super Park may be harmful for you, but I’m sure there are for sure TONS of very beneficial activities as well! In Turku there are different games, easier gymnastics possibilities for everyone and a huge foam pit  I myself love jumping on a trampoline, which should be good as long as I don’t do anything stupid.


I took a very serious pedal car race with Leo to finish things off.

I’m an old hockey boy, who really needs to work on his shot!

There was a tiny basket ball corner there too and my brain loves ball games.