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Melt down danger!

I’ve been walking a lot lately. This is from a sunny walk in Vaasa 🙂

Summer is traditionally the main holiday season in Finland. I’m on a holiday too, at least of part of my jobs…  I’m not doing work tasks that often, but I do have to continue doing my rehab exercises. I don’t dare to take days off of the rehab easily, but now I feel like I’ll have to. It’s either few days off now, or I’ll start to melt down again.

Those “melt downs” have occured a few times for me and they are a sign of me trying to do too much. Usually I’ll just try to do everything, there’s no off switch in me. But now I’ll try to turn it off. I’ve already agreed to do some stuff this summer and those I will definitely do, but I think that I need to reduce my exercising a bit. I believe it’s the best for me now. I know what it’s like to be super stoked and excited about everything, and I haven’t been like that. I have tried to be, I’ve worked so hard in rehab for finding the positive attitude, cause I know that I’ll find it as I’ll just keep on improving, but I can not do it all.

I was granted the honor of speaking to voluntary fire fighters in Lohtaja last Sunday.

I met the highest chief of the camp and he gave me knuckles!

The fifth FightBack Run shall happen on the 1st of September 2018 and the maximum distance is a half marathon. I shall go for that and in the middle of my physical therapy exercises, I have walked and jogged a bit as well. I have even tried to lessen the burden of August a bit in order to be able to rock in the FBR 2018. I want to be ready!

I was a happy mess in this picture.

Now I’m ready to point my thumbs upwards and rock again!