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Magical Brain

We had two visitors from Jyväskylä today in the FightBack space and I ended up spending almost the whole day with them. The other one, Antero, is a physio therapist and Anniina a dance coach. We spoke about rehabilitation, different rehab techniques and the thing I was really happy to notice, was that Antero was open for almost any kind of techniques.

I got a message in my Instagram account on Wednesday saying “I’m coming to Turku on Friday with my wife… could we see the FightBack space?” Well – there we were!

The thing which drove me and Vasa Concept apart, was that I wanted my life to have another contents as well. I know that since I wanted a lot of results as fast as possible, I had to concentrate only in rehabilitating myself as much as possible, for a while. That was the way to “mold” my brain correctly again. I did that and I’m really happy with the results! But I’m not ready yet.

I know that the outcomes of those simple movements are quaranteed, but I can’t believe that they are the only proper ones in the world. They got me this far and the more I learn about the brain, the more amazed I am. And the more i know, the happier I get! I couldn’t study on the third degree yet, but I’m sure I know a lot more about certain physical things than I’d ever known otherwise.

I’ve been a little lost with the whole rehabilitation side of FightBack after the separation with Vasa Concept, but now I know that the whole humankind is still pretty lost with brain. The most incredible thing is, that every single person’s brain is different. I know many beneficial rehabilitation techniques, but I know that in fact, I know nothing. Brain can do wonders.