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I’m on the Road

This week has been sick. Or I don’t know, is this the upcoming normal for me?? :P!

It all began last week’s Saturday, as I was exercising with a good friend of mine. This meant that, I would take a day off on Monday. I spent my day off in the best way I can think of, I went skiing!

Then I exercised really dutifully Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Dutifully enough to feel myself nearly a corpse on Friday morning. I do not like to exercise, when I’m not feeling I’d be up for it, so I took a day off, again.

Which brings us to this weekend, which started with the most active Saturday in times. I started it at 8 o’clock with a Skype meeting to India, to receive some new movements from Dr. Vasa. After this, we went to Aurajoki riverside, walked to the FightBack space, during the way we took some photos with my friend, a photographer, Samu Franzen. We finished the session in the FightBack space, where I switched on my exercising mode!

This brings us to today. Today was a ski day again and today, I felt myself the best on skis, in years! It was awesome. I can’t even describe, how fantastic this feels. I’d like to say that “this is finally the moment, when the work I have done pays off…” but I know that, this is just a beginning. I’m on a road to a full recovery, as Dr. Vasa would say. I would say that, there’s still a long way to go, cause I’m not satisfied until I’m all good. I can’t wait!

On Monday I noticed that I can  use my poles better. Today I was ON FIRE!

EPIC end for the epic week!

EPIC end for the epic week!