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How is it even possible to enjoy life inspite of TBI?

Almost exactly nine years ago I suffered a very severe traumatic brain injury. I’ve been fighting back to my feet since then. My first goal was literally to get back on my feet and once I managed to do that, I saw almost endless stream of possibilities ahead of me. I wanted to fight back and achieve a lot. I can remember people telling me about the boundaries of living a long and happy life with an injured brain, but back then I couldn’t care. I had bigger things on my plate. I had to relearn even some of the most basic skills again.

The first years after the TBI were the roughest I’ve experienced, but despite of everything, I was very glad just to be alive. I had no worries, because I couldn’t really assume the future being any worse than the present moment. This lasted for years, even though everything in my life was going upwards. I had no worries, until I heard about this horrific brain disease called the chronic traumatic encephalopathy. I listened to this book called the Beautiful Brain, which told the story of a British soccer star. It made me to freak out! I’ve injured my head so many times that in my opinion I’ll almost definitely have to have CTE. If I’d really have CTE, I would be doomed. No matter how many skills I had relearned, I would lose everything. In the end I would especially lose my dignity.

I was feeling like this until I finished the book, but then I saw the bigger picture. If I’d let this slow me down, I would’ve lost. Now, days later, I’m happy that I listened to that book, because in case I were to find some of CTE’s symptoms, now I’m ready. It would not be the end. Life’s not over until it really is over. This is the FightBack attitude of which I’m speaking so often.

I had the honor of speaking about the FightBack in Vaasa today!

I’m a positive kind of a guy and I love being happy. I try to spread positive vibes to everyone and being worried is a severe obstacle for this! Since spreading positivity is so important to me, I want to concentrate in giving presentations wholeheartedly. Even though I have many challenges on my way, I know which way I’m going and this makes me happy! I feel like I’m doing something important. This makes me to enjoy my life!

I’m super happy of every person I’m able to inspire! Thank you Vaasa ❤