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Housing affair with BMW

I’ve had an absolutely amazing day today and this is thanks to BMW! We saw the Finnish president and his wife, saw fantastic cars and amazing houses! We took a couple of photos from Pori for you:

The day started with a photo with my lovely employers of the day!

After it I might’ve I found a proper car for me…?

Then I met a new Friend named Nala!

She’s such a good girl!

BMW house had an i8 car ON ITS BALCONY!! 

The house had some superb athletic equipment in the backyard. I was able to climb this rope all the way up!

Erkki was the avec of Nala and he on the other hand was on the next level playing with the bars in the yard!

The new X4 was going to be published today!


Then we went for a little house tour. The houses were modern and looked very expensive.

The affair was located right next to the centrum of Pori, and on the Kokemäki riverside!

I would accept an office with this view…

Almost all of the rooms of the houses were very light and I loved them!

So nice! 😛

Then we came across the fire department and I was able to fit in their ride!

If fire department needs a hand sometime, Nala is ready!

She was with us for the whole exhausting day. Good girl!

We just came home and climbed up on a hill near by… and you know what? It’s Ruisrock now! See you there tomorrow! 😉