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Foreign Friday – The most valuable thing in the World

The world is still in a crazy state. But I believe that this is only an episode, a relatively short period of tough time after which, miraculous things are going to happen! We have been moving towards this point for years already, but now… it’s ON! There’s no going back now.

Every media outlet is gushing about the virus pandemic and people are afraid. Fear seems to be the best selling point these days. And it’s completely understandable. We human are built that way. We do everything to protect ourselves, and the ones we love.

It’s the finest character in us. We care about things, we worry. It’s lovely character, but it is also very dangerous. It can be taken advantage of in many crooked ways. Fear blinds us and we can’t see the big picture. Even though I am writing these words, I’m no better myself. I’m actually familiar with these objects, because they are present in my everyday life. Too often I’m blind.

The most valuable thing in the world these days is information. You can make the biggest impact, either positive or unfortunately very negative as well… you just need to have the right forums to make your message heard. There’s a bunch of misinformation, and disinformation floating around. Everyone should be careful in what information to believe. Out of all the people, I’m not the one to believe.

I am no scientist, nor a doctor of any kind. I am just a dude, who’s worried. The discussion about the worst affects of the corona pandemic of course began already last spring, moths ago, but most of them have not even actualized yet. It’s up to us, are we going to let this pandemic permanently restrict our society. The by-products of the pandemic are horrible.

The global-, national- and the local economies, are all taking a hit. The healthcare crisis is serious, of course, but I think it is important to remember that the crisis has more severe side effects. There are 830 thousand of deaths caused directly by COVID-19 globally at the writing moment, and as horrible each and every unnecessary death is, that is really minor. Just think about all the global population of almost eight billion person!

As I’m writing this, the direct corona deathrate of the global population is 0,01025%. That, too, is nothing compared to what may be expected once the side effects of the global economic crisis start to kick in. Now that’s bad. It may be really severely bad.

Let’s take an example. A 48-year old mother of 11 children is working for a global outerwear producer in Bangladesh. The products are sold in the northern countries, but as people are losing their jobs around here and poverty is on the rise, none buys those products anymore, and thus, the factory has to shut down.

The mother can not feed her family anymore and people are literally starving to death. That’s harsh, but that’s just how it goes. Those indirect deaths caused by the mass hysteria of corona are most likely going to be way worse, than anything the tiny microscopic organism could produce on its own.

And the global increase in suicides… That’s nasty. People are losing the reason and their purpose to live. Those deaths need to be acknowledged as well…

I have been shying away from asking the question, who benefits from this global mishmash? This far the ones collecting the benefit have been outweighed by the billions of victims, but I can point my own finger to media in general. They are definitely not the ones to blame for this, but they benefit from the misery of others. That’s the first example popping into my mind. I can’t believe any media person likes this situation, but… it is what it is. Misery is very interesting in general.

I know that it’s the strongest and smartest, who survive. Since I’m still going strong, I should be thinking how to benefit from this situation, by selling FightBack face masks, for example. We were thinking about producing those already in May, but I can’t sincerely make products out of this misery. I cannot gain from people’s tragedies. It’s not what FightBack is about.

I’ve read many things about masks, but the thing stuck in my mind is that, viruses are so tiny microscopic particles, that they’ll just pass the mask right through. All the other benefits, bacterial restrictions and the fact that they’ll keep people awake are real, but they are just cosmetics, after all. And I believe that giving people the protected feeling, protects them, after all.

I want to share an advice though: try to strengthen your immune system with any ways possible. At the end of the day, this Corona virus seems to be like a bit more severe flu than normal seasonal influenza. It’s another virus, which has come here to stay. We can of course let that micro organism ruin our lives, or we can responsibly fight back. Eat right, sleep as well as possible and take care of your personal hygiene!

Another post about strengthening your immune system may be needed, but I’ll leave you with this now: Wash your hands! And be safe. Rock on buddies!

I was visited by my great fellow Kunkku today!
We went for a walk and I got my mind away from these thoughts for a while. Easy exercise, like walking, is just money in the bank for your immunity! Kunkku knows this.
Kunkku brought his owner Tomi to visit us, as well! It was a nice visit.

Ps. After all this I must say, that I believe to the magnificent power of positivity! It’s not easy to stay positive, but it is the best.

Pps. Information may be the thing which enables us to make the biggest impact, but in my opinion the most valuable thing in the world is friendship, after all. It’s about whether you live your life purely rationally.