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FightBack Finland!

I’m really happy and proud to do what I’m doing at the moment in Finland. I am still concentrating on my rehab, and will do that as long as I keep on evolving. I’m also travelling around Finland giving presentations for companies and different kind of communities. Like on last Friday when I visited first Sastamala’s upper secondary school, then continuing to Tampere  and giving my presentation for OP (bank) company.

This was the Sastamala school’s gym hall. The photo is from almost the front row, but this was an auditorium for 600 students!

Sastamala’s whole town was struggling with an accident caused by a drunken driver, who drove his vehicle into a tiny moped car with two teenagers in it, killing both of them. I’m touched by their belief in me, to be inspiring person enough, to help the youngsters to turn the page.

OP, then again, announced our cooperation on Friday night. Last Friday, 28.04.2017, was the 7th anniversary of my survival of the crash, which made me to fight back. I consider the date as my 2nd birthday, so I really had to ponder whether to give any presentations or speeches on that exact date Then I realized it: Because of what happened to me, I am able to give something to many people. It’s amazing how so many can identify their own troubles with my story, and I can share them what has helped me. Positive attitude.

OP, by the end of my presentation I had realized that what I’m doing in Finland is GREAT: