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Fall of Flow

It’s rainy and windy outside. I dreamt almost whole night about how I was going to go jogging in the morning, ending up to the FightBack Space. I woke up at 7 o’clock and heard the rain pouring sideways to our window. A little rain never killed anybody, but I decided to stay indoors anyway… I’m not going to bore you with either of my morning’s exercises verbally now, nor am I going to really go into what happened during our lunch meeting. But I’m going to say that, if things are going even 70% the way they should, we’ll be sharing my way to the finishline of the marathon, and we’re going to do it big. I’m going to do it anyways, but it might be BIG big.

I sat inside for the first time since April!

These are things of the future, but I want to concentrate more and more to the present moment. I want to live in the Now, and right now I’m going to go for a cup of something warm with my Buddy Ace.

The humidity of the air is perfect right now, but very intense showers keep on occuring every now and then. Usually it’s now, whenever I’m out. 😉