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Finland will turn 100 years old this December and I promise to honor my Finnish roots, by going in 100% in whatever I’ll do. Or at least I’ll try to do so. This means that, I’ll have to start choosing things which to embark on a lot more carefully. This is not so easy for me… Putting my focus into something isn’t so hard for me. The problem is that so many different kinds of faces are requiring my attention. And saying “no” feels almost impossible. I’ve had to say “no” now to a couple of things already and it’s not easy at all for me.

My rehabilitation is something I have really been focusing on, because everything in my life are relying on it. I’m really happy to tell you that, I’m feeling better than a year ago! Like WAY better.

I feel like everything in me, is evolving into another level, somewhere closer to normal. “Normal” is something I won’t ever be, but normality is overrated, anyways! 😉 If normality isn’t a goal of mine, getting rid of all of my restrictions is for sure!

I’ve been working a lot with this VASA Concept rehab and I would like to show you now, what kind of effect has it had on my walking in last 1,5 years:

I don’t know if you noticed the difference, but I can FEEL the difference! It feels just like I would’ve shook of a few restrictions.

Finland, my home country, gained Its Independence in 1917. This feels like a perfect point to start the 100th Independent year of Finland (this was filmed on Sunday, 01.01.2017). I have evolved a lot, but I have no intentions to slow down now.

I know there are even millions of TBI patients in the World and I would like to point you to  The treatment of VASA Concept is free of monetary charge, but you have to work a lot yourself. It’s definitely worth it, though!

If you want to know more about this rehab technique, you’ll find the contact information on this website.