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Yes you can

By 12.1.20191 syyskuun, 2020No Comments

Since November I’ve been practicing standing on my hands every now and then. I was able to stand leaning on a wall for maximum five seconds with the help of my physiotherapist in the beginning. It felt so dangerous and my whole body was crooked!

Three months ago my pelvis was crooked like this and I really needed the support.


I’ve been practicing it a few times a month and I’ve felt like I’m evolving constantly! Two days ago I went for it in the end of an exhausting exercise (of which my thighs are still suffering) and I couldn’t believe the outcome even myself! My girlfriend took these photos and I couldn’t believe how well these turned out!

It doesn’t only look a lot better but it feels so much easier!

Now my handstand goes this well! Not even so crooked anymore…😉

I’m sure I won’t be able to jog a marathon on my hands, but I am sure that I will still learn to walk on my hands a bit. And to stand without any support! I want everyone to believe in what you are doing and yes – you can do it!!💪