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Vlogging vs. blogging?

By 22.1.20171 syyskuun, 2020No Comments

This week was a very relaxing one, at least almost. Or actually no, it was not even almost relaxing. It was a very good one, though! I’m happy for it.

I was peacefully at home  from Monday to Thursday. I was unusually able to exercise 4-6 hours each day! There was only one tiny problem, my hands and feet. They started bleeding on Wednesday. I had worn them out? I don’t know, but I have tiny little wounds in both of them now.

This seems like nothing, but it takes only a few steps of Camel walk to make it bleed, and hurt.

This seems like nothing, but it takes only a few steps of Camel walk to make it bleed, and hurt.

This hurts and starts to bleed in Duck walk.

This isn’t so bad. I can still duckwalk! 

I can’t use my hands properly and that rules out few of my exercises, but I still have tens of them left. So no worries! Dr. Vasa told me that, I can do what I want, until she’ll give me my new program in February. That’s fine with me, but I can’t wait for it! I’m just a bit impatient… And now, I’m going to tell you about my ”Vlogging”!

Instead of writing blogs to you, I’m going to start filming video logs, A.K.A Vlogs. I will upload those videos both to (please follow Pekka Hyysalo! ;)), and here. So you can keep on following my projects, I’ll actually even hand them to you on a silver platter, or a video… but you got!

I’ve already filmed three videos last week, and I’m planning to keep on uploading about three new ones weekly as long, as I’m Vlogging from the same basis.

Here you are!

PS. Only the first one was filmed with a good camera. I’d want one for myself, too. But the good cameras are expensive, and I’d like to make sure that someone’s watching my videos!

The second was a quickie:

The third one was filmed on this Friday. It was a really great day! If you want to see more of my days, please subscribe me in YouTube! I’m going to upgrade my equipment asap, because I’m ashamed of the quality of these two: