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The Global CX Day

Tomorrow is going to be a biggie again. I’m going to have a virtual Keynote speech for over 700 people from 114 countries in the Global CX Day.

I’m excited!

My Keynotes have been backed up by a slideshow, which has contained a few videos as well. They have also lasted approximately 45 minutes in average. This one is going to be different, though.

I will have a slideshow backing me up this time as well, but no videos. I went back to the Rheto rich retreat in Lohja in my mind and memorized  the pointers I got from the experts: Your story is amazing, you don’t need videos. They are distractions. So I will be present and I will talk about some photos. Now I’m going to share a few with you:

This is how fast I am now!

Sweet helmet saved my life and I love this picture.

No skiing in Southern Finland now…

I’m excited for tomorrow!