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Surrendering To The Power Of Now

By 22.9.20181 syyskuun, 2020No Comments

This book made a quite huge impact on the whole world view of mine. It is written honestly and doesn’t really try to sell anything.

One of the main messages of the book is that, you should get free of your mind’s dominance. Basically that, your mind is messing everything up. No matter how intelligent you are. Your intelligence isn’t even a remotely significant aspect of how you are able to live your life to the fullest. Intelligence is in your mind, and you shouldn’t follow your mind. All that matters is here, right Now. Everything which has happened before and what will happen tomorrow, aren’t really important. These are the hardest things of the book in my opinion. A certain amount of intelligence and your mind, is needed to be able to read the book at all, in the first place.

The author leans to history all the time himself. He has studied the ancient writings, the Old as well as the New Testament in the Bible. Eckhart Tolle is undeniably a genius and I got already a huge amount of inspiration of his work. Even this approach has some of its flaws in my opinion, though. I know I need to keep on working with my rehabilitation in order to get to the point in which I could truly surrender to the Now. Eckhart writes that, if you don’t surrender top the Now right now, you will never do it, not tomorrow, not next year. It needs to be now! And this is a deal breaker for me. The reason for my rehab is in the past and I’m working for a better tomorrow. That is in my opinion a thing we should all do! 🙂

I’m still not done. I will read this book again, and like I said this had a huge impact in me.  Eckhart is in Youtube as well, and you can even listen the whole book there! I will dwell into my Now now and spend it playing board games with my girlfriend!

One of my favorite things is the message of how important the nature is. I took this picture yesterday as I was walking to a meeting after my physical therapy, and during that walk I think I knew what Eckhart was talking about.