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Speech coming straight out of core

By 22.3.20191 syyskuun, 2020No Comments

Today’s speech was my favorite one yet again! I got to speak to fellow rehabilitants and their families. I didn’t have any slides or any notes to back me up, nor did I even memorize anything beforehand. The subject of the speech was motivation in rehabilitation and this is a perfect subject for me!

The poster says ”Hurray life!” and I agree.

I slept almost ten hours last night and even though this morning’s exercise was cut short, I felt surprisingly strong!

I want to learn to speak from any subject as well, but if I had to choose a specific subject of which to speak, motivation and willpower would be on top of the list. In my opinion these are the most important sides in any person’s character and they are certainly beneficial. Even though most of us don’t have to solely rely on them, they help anyone. The foundation of those characteristics is attitude and it is a well known fact that, attitude is everything.