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By 18.3.20171 syyskuun, 2020No Comments

I’m in love with snow. I’ve been in love with it for almost my whole life. I wouldn’t be so surprised though, if you all knew it already. I just figured I’d start this blog with an obvious fact, just that you would think I’m an idiot. Or no, not really. I’ve really known it myself for almost all my life now, but still, I tend to get surprised with the awesomeness of springy and snowy winter conditions basically every time I get to play in them! ”Playing” for me, is skiing and this winter has given me a lot of playing in snow time! I’m a lucky guy.


Last winter was different. I could’ve skied way more then, I could’ve skied way more this winter too, but I really want to learn to do everything as well, as possible for me. This is the reason why I keep on rehabilitating myself almost every day.


I’m really happy to tell you though, that skiing feels way easier for me now, than two years ago! That’s when I started rehabilitating myself dutifully with VASA Concept and now, I can see that the huge effort I’ve put into this, is paying off! This feels great!


I took today off, because I’ve skied for 6 days in a row (+ exercising on 4 of them!), but tomorrow and Monday is ski time again! It should be very sunny then, too. Now it’s as blurry as yesterday, but actually, we’ve been very lucky with the weather conditions here! This is a short video shot of me skiing on Thursday: