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Skiing World Champs!

By 5.3.20171 syyskuun, 2020No Comments

These were not the ”skiing World Champs” in which I would’ve seen myself working in the future. These were The FIS Nordic World Ski Championships 2017, which took place in Lahti, 22.2- today. I guess that, everyone in Finland heard about Iivo Niskanen’s achievements. Congratulations Iivo, and all the other medalists too! I wasn’t winning any medals there, myself. I was giving three presentations of my story for PAM, during these Championships.

The first two presentations went pretty ok, I guess, at least everyone seemed to love them. The third one, then again, was full on AWESOMENESS! I loved it, even myself! It went definitely straight to my top five presentations in Finnish.

I was giving my speeches in ”Metsälinna VIP area”, in this huge tent. I also ran into one of the most legendary Finnish athletes ever there, Juha Mieto. He won five Olympic medals in his career, but I guess that’s not the reason why people love him. It is his unique personality, which makes him one of the Greatest. But then again, it’s all in the same package. His personality, mental strenght and the power never to give up, made him to win those medals. He’s a super positive person, too. I am a fan of his.

I've met Juha a couple times before, but it's always a great pleasure to meet this Champ!

I’ve met Juha a couple times before, but it’s always a great pleasure to meet this Champ!

He's really a positive guy. Pictures lie.

Thumbs up!

I loved this February, because I was able to exercise a lot. I was felt I was progressing, too! In March, then again, I will go up and down in Finland, even visit Tallinn, Estonia next week. It’s going to be busy, but I love to inspire people all around. I love my job. I love skiing a lot, too, the highlight of this March is when we are going to be in Tahko, skiing, for nine days!

The other side of my job is to fight myself back to the best possible condition and that happens, by exercising every day. It’s not easy, it’s very rough for me, but I love evolving and there is no evolving, without work. I have to evolve a lot, so I have to work harder, even on top of skiing and working.

I got myself a rose after every presentation! Thank you!

I won myself a rose after every presentation! (and the audience’s hearts… ;)) Thank you!