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Science is unbelievable!

By 7.6.20161 syyskuun, 2020No Comments


My dear friend linked me an article about an amazing breakthrough at Stanford University. They have been able to make people walk after suffering a stroke, which had partially paralysed them and put them into wheelchairs! The treatment is supposed to cure other illnesses as well and very interestingly for myself, even traumatic brain injury! As is shown in this article. This is done by injecting stem cells into patient’s brain, the stem cells start to behave as if they were brand new brain cells, so the brain is able to learn like an infants. The average age of the test’s participants was 61 years.

This started me thinking, almost too much. Could this help me? The friend of mine told me about the other marvellous breakthroughs that stem cell treatment has been attributed to, would this be the way forward for me??

I’ve done so much work to get to the point I’m at now and I’m sure that, if I’ll just continue like this, I will get much better. I’m afraid of this stem cell treatment. The article’s patients had lived already over 60 years, and they were in a condition in which they couldn’t do much, unlike me. I can live quite normally, I have very few restrictions nowadays and I know, that continuing this VASA Concept I can get way better, without the risks. So honestly, I’m afraid. I’m enjoying living this life so much, that would this really be beneficial for me?

From my point of view, injecting the stem cells into my brain, could make my struggle so much easier. Then I wouldn’t need to do at least 10 000 reps of every movement. This would be awesome! This could make things so much easier. The stem cell treatment is most likely years away from coming to Finland, so I’ll have time to figure out the answers to all of the thousands of questions this wakes up in my mind. And I’ll have time to treat my brain with the VASA Concept, I talked about the subject with my girlfriend yesterday and she said, that I’m evolving on a daily basis!

However, the future is full of opportunities and I’m sure that, the future will bring something good for my brain!

Here are my brain. There may be things wrong, but do I dare to start to risk anything?

1.Here are my brain. There may be things wrong, but do I dare to start to risk anything?