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Ouchie! Not so nice… + Vlog.5, NICE!

By 2.2.20171 syyskuun, 2020No Comments

I had two presentations this week. The first one in Helsinki on Tuesday, and the second one in Turku today. The presentation on Tuesday was really nice! It’s so nice to speak for audiences, who are really with you. I guess it’s kinda same for Pop-/ Rock stars… One of my close friends just had a gig a few summers back in a rock festival. He was doing everything he could, but the audience was just quiet. I thought the show was just as awesome, as usually, but the artist was unhappy. Now I can understand why…

My audience today seemed to be dead, except a few about half laughs I received. After the presentation though, when I staid in the venue for a while, if someone wanted to talk to me, take selfies, etc. The line was bigger, than I would’ve ever anticipated. The feedback was very positive, but really people, don’t be so shy! Let’s just have fun!

I’d dare to say that, I am an expert in enjoying life. I know what things I like, and what not. But yeah, I’d dare to say that, especially I know when it’s not nice and all smiles. One of the things I don’t like at all, is my the pain in my left ring finger, which was caused by walking straight to a hotel hallway’s wall on Monday. Kind of a funny event, but makes things harder in the long run! This is not an injury, which’d really have that big of an affect to my life, but I took the next week off of giving any presentations, just for exercising… And on Saturday I’d want to bring my buddy, who was kind of a pro-player in basketball. Let’s hope for a speedy recovery!!

This ain't that bad, really, but it's my left hand, which plays kind of an important role in most of the exercises!

This ain’t that bad, really, but it’s my left hand, which plays kind of an important role in most of the exercises!

Here are some shots from last week!