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Love to Ukraine

This crisis has been quietly going on for years already, but as the most likely mentally insane Russian president Vladimir Putin attacked Ukraine last Thursday, the hell was let loose. This is not the first, nor unfortunately, the last war in the world, but this is happening right now. And this is unfair. Fortunately the whole world is standing in line with the Ukrainians.

I feel like, right now as long as the attack continues, the Ukrainians really need the FightBack attitude, but I have no interest going into the front line. I don’t even want to have anything to do with the war and violence. I know that some countries and big institutions are donating much needed military assistance to Ukraine right now, which is very important, but I have nothing to give right now.

Ukraine is going to keep on standing after the war and that will be my time to help. I’m going to help Ukrainians to fight back then.

I have been fighting back myself for almost 12 years now and I couldn’t have done anything without love. I know how impossible it is even to be conscious of the existence of such a thing as ”love” when you are really down, but everything will pass. This situation shall pass and you Ukrainians will stand up with love again.

Love is an amazing source of power and just like Finland was fighting victoriously with love in their hearts back in 1940, you will win. You have the right motivations – Putin’s are crooked.

I doubt that any Ukrainian is going to read these words, but I’m writing them to you anyways. Stay strong as long as this will last – Fight Back. I will help you once this will pass. Let’s bring the Love Back together. We are with you <3

Right now.

Soon <3