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I’m called to move UP

Do you know exactly what is your personal calling?

I have no idea of mine. I used to have one. I knew exactly what I wanted to accomplish in life, I wanted to become the best free skier in the world, but then… that life came to its unexpected end. Everything up till then had been unbelievably easy, at least that’s how I see my past now. I shouldn’t have had to force myself to do anything! That wasn’t the case, though, because I was young and I didn’t have any idea how lucky I was. I was capable to do almost anything with my body.

All the ”boring” peripheral-, rough physical exercises were almost like torture at the worst of times. We were vomiting in a row with my friends, but even though those may have felt like the worst of times back then, they are what I’m proudest of now.

Then I thought I could do so much more interesting, more difficult- and way funnier things with my abilities. Like skiing, surfing, or if exercise was needed, jumping on a trampoline was fun!

No idea, if I have grown up or something, but I would love the exercises like that now! Doing even the roughest physical exercises with my body and brain working in synchrony like they used to, would be amazing. Although… life is pretty darn amazing now as well! I should never forget that.

Learning how to do new things is motivating and I have been given a second change to learn everything again! The fact that I need to learn many things, like climbing, from the beginning, makes things interesting. In climbing you’ll have to use your whole body symmetrically, in order to do it efficiently. I’m still keeping at least 70% of my weight, while climbing up, on my arms, which exhausts me too quickly. But since I know this, it’s just about focus and correct reps!

The basic goal in climbing is just simple enough for me – start from the bottom and get up there. There are many technical aspects in the journey, but I try to focus in the simple things. I would love to get out of the indoor facilities and climb some real walls next summer. It’s a different world again and I’m full of enthusiasm!

The first wall of the other day in Kiipeily Areena, Salmisaari.

The first four walls of the day were a success!

Jarkko, the old friend who got me into climbing, already promised to take me to some spots and if Jarkko can’t take me, I’m sure that someone else will. Climbers are a friendly, socially active and a very pleasant breed! It’s superb to feel as a part of the grew already. Even though I can’t consider climbing as my calling, I can consider moving as just that! Now I’m called by the snowy outdoors. Adios!

The experience was a struggle from the fifth wall on. I couldn’t conquer this one, yet, but I’m coming for you! 😉

I went bouldering in Kiipeily Areena Redi today and bouldering is difficult for me…

But the playground outdoors is getting pretty much ready! 😛 I’m not sure what I’m able to do with all this snow, but I am sure that I love it!!! I’ll keep you posted when the situation escalates 😉

That slope is calling me, but that slope calls me down!