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Factfulness in my eyes

According to the statistics, you wouldn’t be reading this. I couldn’t be writing anything to anyone, because statistically I would’ve been worm food for years already. But I’m not. I’m still writing and I like to read. I want to obtain as wide and factual of a view on this super interesting world we’re living in! That is why, I was sold last week when I found this book – Factfulness – by Hans Rosling and his children.

This is a book of human kinds’ evolvement in the light of statistics. It’s about the big picture and we are doing so good!

In my opinion Factfulness isn’t a positive book, even though the author says he’s held as an eternal optimist, because of his worldview. It’s a realistic book handling the world’s situation statistically. Hans Rosling has even come up with a brand new term for people like himself – a possibilist.

Personally I don’t bother following statistics, or any numerous facts too much, because I believe in every single individual’s unique power. I know that when you need to make decisions for the whole country, continent, or even the world, you must consider the bigger picture… but I’m not the one making those decisions. I have decided to do my best in the few tasks I’ve begun, and this far that has been almost enough for many things!

I love having good times and usually, I have the most fun when I’m playing something. I am a real ”goal getter” meaning that when I set my mind into achieving something, it’s really hard for me not to do my best… My latest goal is to become better in golf and that’s what I’m going to do!

I wouldn’t be golfing had I obeyed the statistics. There’s so many things I wouldn’t be doing if I did, but I like to try. I’m not afraid of failure, as long as I don’t hurt anyone. I fight back against the statistics.

The main message of ”Factfulness” isn’t pessimistic. It’s showing us how well the whole humankind is doing today and most likely tomorrow, too. We just have so much more information than before that we worry about things the existence of which we didn’t even know of before. Viewing the world this way… the glass is definitely half full!