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FightBack for Love ❤️

News splash: The world is a mess right now! We all know this.

Like the most of us, I too, would of course like to skip to the good part immediately, but it doesn’t work that way. We have to fight back first. This fight is very different from the kind of fight I’m more familiar with, but there are many similarities in coping with the situations. Attitude is everything in both.

Even though I have been struggling with my health-, even on top of the traumatic brain injury, -while this crisis in Ukraine has been going on, I have wanted to help. I have also been watching the news. The Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelensky, won my heart when I heard him saying: “Ukraine will fight back!”

This hero has some attitude.

Almost instantly I felt a shadow creeping to my mind though: Everyone will relate fight back, also FightBack the brand, to war, killing and violence.  It has been hard to differentiate already, but from this on it’s harder. I don’t want my brand to have anything to do with war and death. I had just published the idea of LoveBack, but obviously, the Western World is unable to love many things back right now. Even though this was just the time to send love to the millions of innocent Russians.

What to do?

The ultimate goal is to be share the LoveBack with the world. No more war and violence. Love is greater ❤️

I went back to my story and thought about everything I had done. From a young age I had defied the odds, and since 2010, in my rehabilitation, I had been in war with the odds. I’ve been fighting back.

Only after winning a fair percentage of those battles have I been able to love my life again. None can be in a fight and love the process of the ongoing struggle he is in, but what gives us the power to continue fighting? That’s love.

We always fight for what we love and I can’t believe it took me this long to understand.

LoveBack is awesome, but first you have to Fight Back. The Mastermind behind FightBack’s logo, Matthias Groetter, must have picked the red circle for it, because circle is perfect. That’s at least why I fought back – to get rid of all the restrictions – to make my circle perfect. It’s not perfect yet, but now I want to spread love with all my power.

The goal. Perfect circle.

The reason why Finland was able to stand up against the enormous Russia in the second world war, was that Finland was fighting for love. I feel like Ukraine is doing the exact same thing now, and it’s the strongest motivation. I send all the power to Ukraine – FightBack for Love❤️



And yes, I’m just as soft of a romantic dude as I was last fall… so not that soft, but I have had time to think. I ditched all the models I was trying to fit into. Now I dare to share what I feel.