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By 2.4.20171 syyskuun, 2020No Comments

We had a crazy March. We were touring across Finland and visited Estonia, too. We filmed some video logs with my girlfriend for you earlier this winter, but from Tahko we published just a short clip of my skiing, because it’s been pretty busy… 😉 The Tahko trip was my best skiing trip in years. On top of the best skiing I’ve done in years, I was able to exercise every day. We made a real edit for you now:

Of my skiing I’ve gotta say that I can, of course, feel the difference to my skiing two years ago. I am in a better control of my body now and it’s really fun! Of course it was fun already earlier after the injury, but I had so many more restrictions due to my TBI, than I have now. My life is still too restricted, but now I can ski better. I’m chasing for a life without any restrictions.

Thank you to everyone, who made my week so spectacular! I already thanked some in the video, but the biggest thanks go to Tahko resort. And for the last, the guy, Mikko, who actually donated me the rubber duck he won from a lottery! Thank you!