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Calm Christmas

Sometimes you don’t have to do anything in order to accomplish what is needed.

Brain injury is no exception here and to a certain point, it’s way better to do nothing at all than, to move your body incorrectly. I was not able to do nothing and stay still, so I tried to do my best. As an outcome, I ended up working twice as hard! First I didn’t understand what’s up, and I ended up doing many things incorrectly, then I had to outlearn all the incorrect movements, and finally I could start trying to relearn the stuff correctly. It’s still an ongoing process and I’m nowhere near the finish line yet! I guess I’ll never get there…

But there is another side to that story: I needed to do something, no matter how harmful, just to stay sane. I think that my body needs movement.

Of course it would’ve been wise only to do beneficial things, but I was too impatient. I had to try to go all out and to try to force myself in order, to prove myself that I was advancing in my rehab. Then I forced myself to stop forcing myself, and after that, I started to see some progress…

Forcing isn’t fun. This COVID-19 has forced most of us to modify our behavior. In my opinion protecting the elderly and other people in the risk groups is crucial, and this then again, calls for responsible action.

I wrote a book about responsibility and I think it’s the most precious thing we all possess! The book is unfortunately for now only in Finnish. I know that the subject is globally important and I believe that, I have an unique approach to it.

If you don’t have COVID, stay by yourself and try to avoid all the unnecessary contacts and if you have won the COVID-lottery, don’t spread it. This crisis brings a new meaning for the concept of responsibility. I think it’s awesome that we, human, are so intelligent and advanced species compared to every other known species, that it is possible for us to think before we act.

We can understand the consequences of our actions even beforehand, and thus, we can master almost any given situation. We just need to use our thinking mind and be conscious of our actions! We have the possibility to choose how to respond to any given challenge, we have a response ability – A. K. A. responsibility.

Our mind is an amazing resource.

I have read a lot about silencing the ”thinking mind” and letting everything just go naturally with its flow. This of course sounds very beautiful and calming, but sometimes people actually need to use their thinking mind as well. That’s why we rule the globe and that’s why we can avoid the worst outcomes of any given situation.

I can’t believe that we can navigate our way out of this crisis just by meditating and thinking happy thoughts. Or not thinking at all. We need to take action and we need to be taking it already yesterday…

IS global vaccination going to save us?

A vaccine can definitely be the answer. I’m a bit anxious about all the unknown side effects it could cause, but I’m no scientist. I trust that it will be done properly and things are going to get fixed. I’ve read a lot of spekulations about everything being a big and evil conspiracy, through which the global population would get vaccinated, but I wouldn’t buy that book. I believe that everyone’s doing their best!

This is a screenshot of a picture from one of the most popular tabloids in Finland. If the vaccination is marketed with scary looking pictures like thi, no wonder if people are freaking out…

I know that many are opposing all vaccinations alltogether and I’m willing to hear any other proper solutions? How should we put an end to the COVID?


This was the last work week for me before Christmas and now I’m going to try to stay calm and isolated, in order to dare to even dream about visiting my grandparents next week. This Christmas will be different, but it’s up to us to decide how we will take it.

We were on the Finnish TV with my favourite roxkstar, Michael Monroe, and I know that he’s down with the ending of this text!

Peace, love and happiness ❣️

We have no snow in Turku and it’s dark, but it’ calm and beautiful!