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Bumpy week

This is a bumpy road – this is life.

I can remember Marko Grilc, the Slovenian snowboarder, already from back in the years. We weren’t super close, but we had numerous mutual friends and were in good terms. During the last years of my career, we were practicing in the same spots during preseason and also did some of the same comps during those seasons.

Years later, after my injury, in, we finally got to know each other a bit better. He heard my story and was touched by it. He wanted to help me by donating some money for my rehabilitation. I was really grateful for this, of course. I had no regular income yet, so every donation was actually important for me. We staid in touch from that on and I kept on following his endeavors via social media.

The thing, which blew my mind, was how often he was doing fun and exciting things with his family. It was really inspiring to see. He was living a life which seemed like ”the dream” for me.


On Tuesday 23.11.2021, Marko passed away. He fell and hit his head in to a rock covered by snow. He wasn’t wearing a helmet.

I didn’t find out about the tragic accident until Thursday and then my heart skipped a few beats. I hesitated whether to write about this at all, because I’m not an insider of this tragedy in any way, but I decided to do so, because this feels personal to me. I was hurt.


Back to my life.

I had my yearly visit to the Turku University Hospital because of the TBI I suffered 11,5 years ago, last Friday. I had no expectations whatsoever, but the outcome, was a pleasant surprise, anyway! Even though I’ve had some painful problems in my lower back, she told me that I’m doing really well.

How well?

I got the best encouragement💪!

So well that the doctor didn’t think it’s necessary for me to visit the hospital for the checkup at all next year. I’ll have to call them and it’s a check!


On Saturday, then again, I had one of the best presentations ever. It was in this TUL (Työväen Urheilu Liitto) gala, and everything went perfectly. I got to speak about what movement-, athletics- and sports in general meant for me and my rehabilitation. It was awesome. Movement plays a huge role for our brains’ wellbeing and I love it. It made me even more interested in the course I’m taking now. What kind of affect does our physical movement have in our brain, thoughts and other capabilities? It’s interesting stuff!


Athletic performance and -activities have remained as a big part of my presentation, but I want more. This is why I started to study – I want to widen my perspective!