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Biohackersummit 2020

Biohacker Summit 2019 was a blast!

One of the definite highlights of last fall for me was getting to participate to Biohacker Summit 2019.

This year’s Summit was going to be organized in Amsterdam, but due to the same old COVID-19, it was postponed to next June. I was really looking forward for this summer’s event, because I was going to have a Keynote presentation about this FightBack movement there. This means that next year, we are really going to FightBack!

FightBack is an attitude, and during these rough times, in my opinion… attitude is everything.

That’s why I was honored to be asked to attend the 2020 seminar, which is going down in Kattilahalli, Helsinki, today! I’m not really an expert in biohacking in my opinion, but if I really think about it, I kind of am…

I’m going to share my story and the biohacks, which I think have been beneficial for me during this path. I’m really excited – I can’t wait!

Exercise, food and sleep. It’s my holy trinity! But there’s more. Mind, spirit and positivity.