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Anxiety In Everyday Life

By 26.10.20181 syyskuun, 2020No Comments

I got a request to write about how am I able to escape anxiety in my everyday life. First of all this was a great request and I’m happy to share my experiences on this matter! If you’ve got a question about my life, which you would get an answer to, just go ahead and ask me! 🙂 I might even write a blog about it.


I know I could feel a lot of anxiety because doing some normal daily chores is either difficult or even impossible for me right now. This doesn’t make me anxious though. It makes me frustrated. When I try something and fail in it, which happens numerously on a daily basis, I feel myself even very frustrated. When this happens I always ask the same question ”whose fault is this?” I know how to manage many things, but only the ”know how”-part is not enough. You need to be able to perform as well.  When I can’t perform I get frustrated and turn my attention into WHY did I fail in the certain chore. Then I try to avoid making the same mistake twice.


I know this must sound like a cruel method to you. If I undisturbedly fail in doing something I should be capable to do, I blame only myself. I can admit that, I’m having a tight love/hate relationship considering performance of my own. I guess this is rooted to my essence since the days of professional skiing. Nothing I do is ever good enough.

Before I could see only all of my mistakes in this picture. Now I see so much more! I see the beauty of it and I can see the love I feel for skiing <3 ©Rami Lappalainen

Nowadays I can take it a bit easier on myself though. I must take it easier in order to stay anyhow sane! I can get over failures pretty quickly. I try to live in the now all the time and not to stress too much about things I already failed in. Staying focused to the present moment has many perks in it, but one of the best is getting weight of my conscience! Otherwise I’d be always blaming myself for the past and be like a dog chasing its own tail.