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A way – My way

By 12.6.20161 syyskuun, 2020No Comments

There are many ways to treat a brain injury and I’m not the person, who’s going to tell you what is the right way. I shared some stories about the stem cell treatments and those really interest me, theoretically. We are living in real life, though.

I already told you that, I’m afraid of the stem cell treatment, but that isn’t even the main point for me here. Do I really even want to be treated that way, is the question? You all know already, how much work I put in my rehabilitation every day. In my opinion that is my life now, fighting back and evolving, almost on a daily basis. That makes me so happy! I do evolve, but is this the best way to do it?

Am I ever happy with myself? Should I cooperate with highly educated doctors and clinics? The doctors and scientists are definitely wiser than me, but I would have to trust them my life. I can’t do it, not now at least.

Even my feet might stay a bit cleaner, if I was doing someclinical trials...

Even my feet would stay cleaner, was doing some clinical trials…

I’m ready to try almost anything which will be beneficial for me and my team. In my eyes I’m not in this alone. There are millions of TBI and stroke patients, who I want to share the benefits of my FightBack. And all other, ”normal” people! I feel like my fighting back from this brain injury gives some hope to someone else, too. At least I hope so.

I love to get positive feedback, likes, comments and everything! It makes me feel you guys are in this with me and that makes me to carry on, when it’s rough.

Yesterday was a long one. First whole day of exercising and then then the tatami arrived!

For example Friday, was a looong day. First whole day exercising and then the tatami arrived, but with the help of my girlfriend and Omasali Hannu, we got it done!

Now the FightBack with VASA Concept space's floor is final!

Now the FightBack with VASA Concept Space’s floor is ready! This is quite clean exercising environment, too. We shall have a two week’s intensive  camp under VASA Concept’s founder Rajul Vasa’s instructions here in August!

No matter what the space's floor inside is... when it isn't raining in the summer, I'm outside!

No matter how clean the Space’s floor inside is… if it isn’t raining in the summer time, I’m rather outside reaching to the stars with my rehab!

I believe that, you can do miracles with positive thinking and just trying hard enough. Of course you’ll need the right path to follow. I feel like I’m on the right path now, and I have already managed to do so many miracles, that I’m going to just keep on going all in! It’s not going to be easy, but definitely worth it.