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A Game Changer

My life hasn’t always been the easiest one. But I consider myself very lucky and I am so grateful, to SO many different entities, even though I can honestly say that, I’ve been through some quite rough times as well… That’s why I believe that some people can respond to my words a bit more easily.

My number one benefit, when I’m presenting a Keynote to any crowd, is being 100% honest. I close my thinking mind, and try to go with the flow. This far I have been able to speak quite fluently without any notes on top of my presentation, but I can admit that there have been many a bit inconvenient moments during my speeches. They have been inconvenient only for me hopefully!

Since I don’t have presentations that often nowadays, due to the world’s overall situation, my routine has gotten a bit rusty. It might be a bit scary, but I try to take that as a positive gift. It’s so exciting to speak to a crowd every time, and being excited, only improves my performance.

Biohacking is something pretty new for me, so I have been pondering whether I really am the right person to talk about just about that, but I know I kind of am. I’ve used various different kinds of methods to rehabilitate myself and I know what’s it like to face a task, which feels impossible, and I know how to find motivation to do the work needed. Positivity is a Game Changer, but positivity is a very lightweight aspect, compared to its origin. I’m a bit ashamed to be writing this, because this is a piece of the most common knowledge ever, but I’m not trying to own these words by any means. The origin of positivity is the greatest power in the universe. The origin is love.

I want to be an other piece proof of what an average person is able to do with the power of love. Everything I have done – everything I am doing, is somehow powered by love, and by porridge, but that’s neither here nor there… The best thing is that, I am not doing ANYTHING alone! I have been unbelievably lucky this far, because there is so much love around me.

You may have heard of Wim Hof, the Ice Man. He holds over 25 World records from all kinds of crazy stunts, which are mostly concerned with extreme endurance of cold. I just read his book about activating your full human potential, and I’ve got to say that, he inspires me. He has done many things considered impossible beforehand, and he credits love for everything, as well.

He inspired me to be this open about what I believe in and I must recommend this book for everybody.

For me it’s easier to talk about my feelings in English, because it’s somehow not as personal. It might be because I just can’t understand what am I writing about myself, but it doesn’t really matter.

The word ”love” which I have repeated in this post more often than in all my blogposts during these last nine years combined, is a great example. I couldn’t write about love in Finnish as freely. I would actually have way more to say about love, but since it would involve the people I love, I’m not going drag them into this mess.

I don’t want to give gossips to the Finnish tabloids, which have lately respected my privacy astonishingly. Thank you! <3