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LoveBack to the World ❤️

Kirjoittanut 7.2.2022No Comments


I’m so happy, because it feels like everything starts clicking! I’m a bit sorry that I haven’t written you anything in English for a while… not too sorry though, because I’ve been making things happen! I’ve been clicking myself!😜

At least I have tried to click. I have been able to give a few presentations and love has taken me over. I have been fighting back for over eleven years now and I have sacrificed many things to get where I am today. I am in love. I love life. I’m finally in a place where I can say it. And I love everyone who’s been helping me to get through the roughest times. Nowadays everything feels easier!

Easier or not… I’ve been falling on my butt quite often – very often. But I have been able to get back up.

Falling is a great accomplishment, as well, because every time I’ve fallen without hurting myself, I have learnt. My brain’s plasticity has woken up and new connections were formed! And after falling down a lot, I’ve started to fall down a bit less. Like today! I skied over six kilometers! The longest distance in years. It was awesome! And it was sweaty.



I met a lovely English woman in the middle of it. She told me how she adored FightBack and how she had already heard about the LoveBack as well. She loved it as well. I was really pleasantly surprised, because I haven’t written anything in English for a while, and then I felt a bit ashamed. But then I reminded myself of everything.

From the day one, I have tried to spread FightBack’s positive attitude around the World. FightBack has been an attitude, which has helped me to rehabilitate myself into this state. This has been a rough road, but somehow, against all odds, I have been able to keep on working. My family’, relatives’ and friends’s love has given my FightBack its power. Finland has given the FightBack strength and Sisu. I love them for that and now, FightBack has come out with LoveBack.

I think that the LoveBack should be global! The World needs love. I’m going to try my best to spread love.❤️

Love is the greatest power in the world.